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Grand Opening 3/3/15 18:00 Gmt +2

Welcome to Lineage 2 Ceriel
Here we will be providing our current information, remembering that can be changed at any time without notice if it becomes necessary,
the forum was built in order to improve the server.

Enchant Informations
Safe: +3
Max Weapon Enchant: +16
Max Armor Enchant: +16
Max Jewels Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll: 75%
Blessed Scroll: 100% (In gm shop with Farm Items)
Crystal Scroll: 75% (Drop from custom RB & Vote Items)

General Informations
Rates: Exp: 1000x / Sp: 1000x / Adena: 1000x
Chronicle: Interlude (C6)
Subclass: Free
Farm system: Custom drop areas
Chaotic zone at big boss area (pvp zone)
All epics boss: Level 80
Spawn Protection.
No Custom
Vote System
Easy Farm
Start Level 80
Sub Class Level 80
Max Buff Slot 99
Buff Time 2h
Fully working skills
Working Clan Halls
Max Subclasses 5
Max Clans on Alliance 3
Balanced Classes
Auto Learn Skills
Auto loot
No grade penalty
No death penalty.
Full Working Wedding
Paid Geodata + Pathnodes

Custom Npc Informations
Top Manager
Custom Buffer
Castle Manager
Casino Manager (Only With Vote Items)
Npc Report Manager
Npc Vote Reward

Farm Zones
Monastery of Silence
Garden of Eva
Gludin Peace Zone

Raid Bosses Info
Baium : 3 Hours Respawn
Zaken : 3 Hours Respawn
Ant Queen : 3 Hours Respawn
Antharas : 3 Hours Respawn
Valakas : 3 Hours Respawn
[ Drops : x1 Boss Jew, Top Lifestones, Bogs, ]

Custom Bosses Info
Uruka : 2 Hours Respawn
Skylancer : 2 Hours Respawn
Plague: 2 Hours Respawn
FlameStone: 2 Hours Respawn
[ Drops : Crystal Scrolls, Top Lifestones, Ceriel Coins, Bogs, ]

Buffs Informations
AIO buff system
NPC buffer
Buff's protect skill (Protect against buffs)
Buff slots: 99 slots
Buff time: 2 hours.

Olympiads Informations
You need 50 pvps for you can play olympiad matches
Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match
Heroes are nominated every 1st and 15th of the month.
Time: from 18:00 to 00:00 hrs.

Hardware Informations
Low International ping
CPU : Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
2x 160GB SSD
1Gbps Connection
DDos Protected